Thursday, January 3, 2008

fly on little wing

"well shes walking through the clouds
with a circus mind thats running round
butterflies and zebras
and moonbeams and fairy tales
thats all she ever thinks about
riding with the wind."

my oldest turns sixteen in a few days, and my nephew turns fifteen today. i remember those ages so clearly, and the possibilities that could exist when you chose the way to look at things, and people fit for the kind of magic you could make walking along side of you. i wish for them to see those fairy tales and moonbeams that their dreams are made of, and make them their own, always. this is for jules and drew.


kathleen said...

ugh what happened??

lucy said...

with what?
our dreams and moonbeams?

muruch said...

Aw, that's where my old nickname Circus Mind came from. An old friend said that song reminded them of me. :) I can't believe Jules will be 16. She's older than Angela Chase!

lucy said...

vic, the song always reminds me of you; this one, and concrete blonde.

wow, i hadn't thought of that, she is older than angela chase. i've bypassed patty chase. eeek.