Tuesday, January 1, 2008

i will never go, babe, hell no

"maybe i was in the dark
but whyd you have to steal my heart?"

duets are some of my favorite musical things, right up there with cover songs and soundtrack albums; two out of three ain't bad. sondre lerche and regina spektor take on a very classic, nostalgia-rich sound on this track from the dan in real life soundtrack. they sound like post-modern louis and ella, or something cole porter would stamp an approval on. this song is what the word "keen" was made to describe.

also, itunes selected regina to record their holiday song this season. to download for free go to the itunes store; it really is quite a lovely song.


kateherself said...

I took this. I'm on a Regina Spektor kick! thanks.


lucy said...

enjoy & happy new year.

*clinks a music drunk glass with you*

kateherself said...

someday i would love to have a livejournal girl/music/movie party.

I don't know if I'd ever actually DO it, but doesn't it sound grand sometimes?

lucy said...

i would so love that.